Biomass boilers

Biomass boilers

Biomass fuels are all around us. The human kind has always used bio-fuels for its development – from bonfires fed with logs to major biomass heating plants. With the world’s oil wells drying up we’re entering into a new era, an era in which biomass fuels will be a part of the fuel mix that will have to replace the conventional fuels, primarily oil and gas. Osby Parca offers industry leading solid fuel boilers and is the preferred option of Sweden’s boiler personnel.

Scope of supply

Osby Parca offers a complete solid fuel range from 100 kW to 8 MW. All products are CE-approved according to the exigent Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). The scope of supply includes boilers for wood pellet, wood briquettes, dry wood chip (<35% moisture content) and moist wood chip (35-55% moisture content).

High technology & high quality

The solid fuel boilers are built with vertical flue gas tubes with turbulator cleaning. This treat is fundamental for high efficiency rates and long service cycles. The boilers come with controls that permit automatic ash discharge and fuel feeding. The intelligent control systems maintain the operation levels at optimal levels for efficient combustion and low wear rates. Cleaning of the convection tube package and ash handling are carried out automatically with programmed intervals.


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